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Friday, 17 September 2010

Awful week Please stay with me

Hi guys,at the moment I am round my friends,house using her computer,as mine crashed on Tuesday afternonn,the motherboard has gone and it cant be repaired as the computer is just too old.
Therfore I Have had to buy a new one and at the moment they are busy trasfering all my documents,and things to the new one.
I am totally lost without access,to all your blogs and all my buddies,please hope you will stay with me,should be up and running by tomorrow night.
I am also helping my daughter to move tomorrow she has finally moving out with her boyfriend,and this has really knocked me back yes I know they all have to leave home but I am just so upset as cannot imagine her not being here.
I know I may get used to it in time,but Lisa is not only my daughter but my friend too and I love her so much so this is going to be extremly hard for me to let go.
Yeah I know soppy old me but I cant help it being alone here is going to be so hard.
Beofore I go I just want to thank some people.
The girls on the           for the most wonderful gift they sent me bless your heart you guys I was totally overwhelmed bY it so many many thanks,you are real stars.
Next thanks to Sammy for letting Sarah know,and Jude too for getting in touch,and you too Liz hun for the message you sent sarah.
Sarah Hun I really want to thank you for ringing me each day trying to cheer me up,you are a real friend and I apprectiate that more than anything means the world to me. Thanks for all your love and advice too hun.
The pixie cottage team,sorry I have not been about but hope you all understand why now,and you girls too at creative inspirations.
Right must go hope you will all stay with me,at least you know why i have not been visiting,you all and also have some new followers too,so will thank them properly too,hopefully tomorrow.
Once again thank you all for your support just love you guys,sarah jude,sam,liz be in touch as soon as i can,if anyone needs,me you can still email me as will be able to check all these when i am back online.


pinky said...

Ah Cheryl, thats a right double wammy! But the computer can always be replaced. The part about your daughter moving out, well thats a tough one to fix. She sounds like such a brilliant daughter and friend and that will always remain the same no matter where she goes. The hardest part is allowing our love to reach far away places. I know I will be the very same when my daughter goes to University next year. Hugs

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hi Cheryl, what a rotten week you've been having sweetie, don't worry about blogging, we'll all still be here when you get back ((((((hugs)))))))

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles Cheryl and had been wondering where you were.
i know what you mean about missing your daughter lots as my DH and me will be on our own except for uni holidays as both our daughters will be at uni from Sunday onwards. It's going to be very strange not having them here.
Sending you lots of hugs. Fliss xx

Suzi said...

Awe Cheryl, it must be every bloggers nightmare to lose connection but more to the point to have your sweet Daughter move out. I know how close you both are, but she will visit often I'm sure, my baby left home 16 years ago but we are even closer now than ever. Sending you all my love and a huge big hug.
Suzi x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Cheryl
computers are a nightmare, hopefully your DD isnt moving too far away and visit's you often, I have 2 left out of 8 and it doesnt get any easier and great when they come to visit.
Chris x

Zoechaos said...

Not going anywhere hun people take breaks all this time for all sorts of reasons we don't just abandon them (((Hugs))). Tough letting your little girl move on especially when you have reasons to be worried for her, just have to take deep breaths and hope. more (((Hugs)))

You'll find the new computer so much quicker you'll be thrilled and how lucky that there are ways for 'them' to transfer everything for you. Enjoy it see you soon. xx Zoe

Sarah A said...

Hi Cheryl

Sorry to hear about your sick pc, hope you get sorted soon!

Like you said you will get used to your daughter not being around but it won't stop you from missing her of course! At least you can have fun catching up with eachother when you meet up for lunch or when she drops her washing round lol!

Stay strong hun and big hugs coming your way.

Sarah x

Heather x said...

Don't worry, I'm still sticking with you, my will take more than a busted computer to get rid of me roflmao :)
*hugs* Heather x

Netty said...

Don't forget she will miss you as well. Just takes time for both of you. Look forward to seeing some more wonderful creations, so no am not going anywhere will be back when you are. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs Annette xx

Linby said...

Cheryl - so sorry to hear all this. We will still be here waiting for you and your fab creations.

Vintage Milly said...

Awe hun, what a lovely mum you are! So sorry that you are going to be missing her so much, it is going to be a tough one to get used to. Big hugs to you,

Hello I'm Sarah said...

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Chum, you know you don't have to thank me, you know I'm there any time to talk chum, you are a wonderful person and more so a very special friend to have, love ya' lots chum!!!
Big Hugs xxxxxx
Sarah xx

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Cheryl it does sound like you are having rough time of it at the moment. I hope all goes well with the new computer but what can I say about your Lisa leaving, it will be so hard for you. I will never leave you I will send an e-mail soon.
Lorraine x

Gez said...

Oh Cheryl what do they say about it raining & pouring. Sending you the biggest cyber (((hugs))) you can imagine. You are such an inspiration to many, many people & we won't be going any where. Good luck with the comp.. I've just been through the same & it's a right pain. Hope you manage retreive all your files hun. It's wonderful when your daughter is your best friend too. You will never be far apart as you are in each other hearts. I know this from mine being a China for 3 wks & NO communication. :(
Take care sweetie. Will definately be in touch when things calm down. I just know you will be filling your spare time creatively. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love Gez.xx

bcriminger said...

We all understand, girl. Sending hugs and prayers for you up, up and away (the hugs to you, the prayers to God)

Julie Forest said...

Hi, Cheryl! Sorry to hear you're having such an awful week. I have a similar relationship with my daughter and know it will be similarly devastating for me when she decides to move out. Hang in there, my friend. We'll all be here when you get back. *HUGS*

Dawn said...

OH Cheryl, sorry to hear your double whammy news. Just remember, once a daughter, always a daughter & being a good mum means letting them go when the time is right. Take care, get your computer back up & running & we will all still be here. xxxx

Dora said...

O wow so sorry to hear all this ... and I thought I was having a bad one!!!! Yes, these are the hardest things mums have to go through when children grow up to go to their new homes. I'm sure everything will be fine xx as for the computer ... look at the bright side of that... you are getting everything transferred to a new one and I'm sure it will be faster and nicer :) Hugs xxx

Spyder said...
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Spyder said...

Oh Cheryl sorry to hear all your bad news, but at least your are able to get all your old documents back on to your new computer, and it will be far better! Luckily Emma my eldest daughter is only about 45 minutes away but my youngest with our grandson, set off for a job in the States for about 18months, many years ago, and ended up getting married and staying out there, she's so far away, and I miss her so much, I kept her card to us from way back then, it was a beaded cage,with the door left open and the bird flying away, it said, Thank you for knowing when to hold me close, and when to let me go.
xx ((Lyn)

Shazza said...

Hi Cheryl
glad you didn't lose all your stuff when puter crashed. Hope you are up and running again soon but at least you will have more time to craft with no PC lol!
Sending you a big hug, will taek time to get used to your daughter not living with you but I hope the move goes well

crafty creations said...

Wondered where you were !!!! Hopefully your pc will soon be sorted.

Lisa will stay close to you Cheryl I'm sure - it will be very hard but it comes to us all at some point - you'll be able to have lots of girlie gettogethers

Look forward to seeing you back on line soon.

Hugs Hilda

Esther said...

Hi hun - you don't get rid of us that easy you know! Will still be here when you're up and running again....I know it won't be the same when your daughter's moved out...but just think you'll have somewhere to visit and be a guest - have dinner made for ya and put your feet up! that's what my mum does anyhow - and because we're not living in the same house anymore it makes out times together even more special !!

Thinking of you...take care of yourself..Esther xxx

JanJay said...

Aww honey, thinking of you darling, I can't imagine how i'll cope the day my darling girl leaves home, it doesn't bear thinking about, no wonder you're in pieces.

Keep your chin up & hope you get your new 'puter sorted soon

Jan xx

Betty said...

Hi Cheryl sorry to here of your pc has gone to data heaven, but a new one will be great, faster and easier to use, and so glad you did'nt loose your files too hun.
And you will never get rid of me no matter what happens.
You must feel wrenched that your daughter is moving out, you will get use to it in time, and its good for her to spread her wings so to speak, also you will have girly days out, and she will see you quite often as i'm sure she will miss you too.
As they say its all apart of life, so keep your pukker up hun.
Take care
Hugs Betty x x

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi Hunny, hope you get this soon, we've missed you, I hope every thing goes ok with the computer, it will take a bit of time getting used to Lisa going but she'll be back visiting in no time, I know Kay does lol, you know where I am if you need to talk, hugs Liz xx

chris said...

Hope you get sorted soon Cheryl,just thinking I hadnt seen you around, so thought I would come and see if you where ok, evidently not.
hope you are ok. hugs chris xx

Basement gal said...

Hi cheryl I know how this feels - you feel so lost and helpless. I just want to say I love your dt card for the Pink and Black challenge it's just fabulous. I love the vintage thing going on. Take care and don't stress too much.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cheryl,
I didn't want to leave a comment because I figured you'd have a sea of them (which you do!), but in March, I had 3 computers--all new--break! So, I know what it's like...and this all just gives you time to create and then you can post it, maybe it's a nice "creative break!"

But, your daughter moving out is another story--I know it's hard because I miss my Jenny so's so hard when they are gone!!!

Fleur said...

Hi Cheryl hopefully you're getting near to sorted, don't worry. you can't get rid of us that easily. As for your Daughter ~ you're certainly not being soppy, you're just being a mum, Good luck ~ hope it's not too hard. Mac's only 8 and I get so upset at how quickly time flies, she's growing up far too quickly
Hugz Fleur xXx

Sherryn said...

Hi Cheryl, Glad your close to getting your computer back.
Its sad when our children leave home but our job is done and they will have children and feel the same and so on. She will never be far away.
thinking of you, xx

Cheryl said...

Oh Cheryl I am so sorry your daughter is leaving home,but you know sounds like you have the best and most loving relationship with your awesome is that!!! Not all families have that loving bond,take each day at a time and I am sure your daughter will not be far away!! BTW hope you get you computer back soon,oh and I am not going anywhere will always be here checking in on you!!
Big Hugs xx

friday feeling said...

Only just popped on here Cheryl & spotted your post. It must be really hard saying goodbye to your daughter once she's properly flown the nest - I'm sure I'll find it hard when the time comes with my boys. Hopefully she's not too far away though & you'll get to see her often. Keep smiling & sending you big hugs!
Caroline x