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Friday, 30 November 2012

Hello everyone its ME

Hi everyone its me,Cheryl so sorry its taken me this long to get in touch with you all,but as you know its been a long hard road. I thought after a week I would be back to normal but sadly not the case. I am seeing my GP on a regular basis I have sciatica,problems with my memory,and still getting bad headaches.

  I am trying really hard to get back to normal,but its taken me much longer than I ever thought possible,I have to go too Cambridge to see a brain specialist,and have another app this week to see a physiologist
    I am crafting a bit,but taken me ages to do anything,as the pain is bad,so have to do everything in bits.
I just wanted to let you all know that I hope to be back  visiting,you all after Christmas unless I have to have an operation if so will let you know.
I really appreciate your patience and I am so sorry for letting you all down,love each and everyone of you. 

Everyone has been amazing your comments,friendship cards presents I have received have just blown me away.I really really do appreciate everything as you guys have helped me no end the comments are just well,I feel so humble,as just do not know what to say. Just wish I could,hug each one of you too say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am crafting slowly I know,but I am trying. Problem is,that things I did before in my sleep,now take me for ever 17 attempts to make an envelope,then when I had done it,I had forgotten how I did it in the first place.Plus the pain cant stand for more than,half an hour,without screaming in agony but will let you know,what happens next.  Just apologise again for taking this long to let you all know what is happening.  Lisa has set up auto spell check so oh I hope it works okay and you can understand me.

   So once again,thank you all so so much for your understanding,help comments and just everything,oh guys you have no idea how much you have helped me to keep crafting,as so nearly gave it all up.  So,my love too each and everyone of you,I love you all,from the bottom of my heart,gosh crying know sorry,will leave you with a couple of things I have made,love Cheryl xxxxx

This is a,notelet holder I made,using Gems designs,CD
This is the cover,

This is a book I made which I had already started,before the accident,luckliy,using the papers,from Debbie Moore shabby chic CD

The front cover, using lots of the emblies,from Crafty-emblies,which you can buy HERE,

Thanks for looking and for staying with me love cheryl xxxxxxx
Judie is also having a DT call too if you would like to join us please pop over HERE


Brenda Brown said...

Soooooo lovely to hear from you Cheryl and albeit slower than you want, so glad you are making progress. I'm sorry you are in pain and still have hospital appointments to go to, but it's lovely to see your craft work and know you are creating gorgeous things again. Good luck with your appointments, you have been in my thoughts and in my prayers for a full recovery soon. Take care.
Hugs Brenda xxx

rachel said...

fabulous to hear from you again Cheryl - it sounds like it was a truely awful accident and I'm so sorry that you're still suffering - Wishing you a speedier recovery from here on in - but take your time - it pays off in the long run! Big Hugs Rachel xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! Cheryl, you wont believe this, but today, you came into my thoughts so often...I knew you would pop up on my reader tonight,I just wonderful to see you back for a visit, and so terrlbly sorry you are suffering so much..I do hope things get sorted out for you.
Lovely to see your beautiful projects again, love your book and the notelet holder is gorgeous.
Take care.....


Rose Petal said...

Oh how lovely to hear from you Cheryl. It doesn't matter how long it takes to make things, its just so special to see your creativity again.
I am thrilled that you are on the road to recovery, but you must just take it slow and look after yourself. Hope all goes well with the hospital appointments my love.
Thinking of you and sending you special healing hugs.
Lots of love, Sandra xxxx

pinky said...

Oh its just lovely to hear from you Cheryl, I am sure you have been on everyone's mind including mine. So sorry you have been having such a hard time since the accident but hopefully they will get you all sorted soon. Good woman to try and get some crafting done, its good for the brain so long as you don't over do it. You certainly are NOT letting anyone down. We all just want you to get better and back to your old self. Take care my friend and sending you lots of get well hugs and prayers.

pinky said...

Oh I forgot to say your creations are just stunning and I can see they come straight from the heart which is what I like about your talent Cheryl.

Caroline said...

Hi Chery so glad to hear from you, I'm so sorry you are still suffering. I hope everything gets better for you soon and that you make a speedy recovery. Take your time and don't worry about commenting or visiting blogs we are here for you. Big Hugs Caroline xxx

Anesha said...

So wonderful to hear from you. So sorry you are having so many problems but do hope that you will have a full recovery. Just take each day at a time and things will get better. Lots of hugs. ANesha

nnalorac said...

How lovely it is to see you on here this morning with two gorgeous creations Cheryl. Crafting is a great healer. Take good care of your self. Carolxx

Irene said...

Good Morning dear Cheryl!!!!
Sooooooo good to read news that's ccoming from you, even though the news is not as good as I would have hoped. What a horible accidents this has been that it's taken you so long to recover and still are not your old self again. Fingers X-ed surgery won't be needed sweetie!!! Your creations are beautiful as always, it doesn't show how much time and pain it caused you to finish them.
Hope you'll improve every single day and will be able to enjoy the wonderful December month!
Take care, keep the spirits up and PLEASE do not apoligize anymore, it's bad enough as it is so concentrate on getting better!!

Cuddle from Holland, Irene


Oh Cheryl, it's lovely to see you in blogland again and to know that you are crafting too, though I am so very sorry that you are still in pain.

I am thinking of you and sending lots of love. I hope all goes well for you at the appointments.
Big Hugs, Sylvia xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Margreet said...

Morning glad seeing a post from sorry for you you are still in so much pain...hope it will be better soon...keep trying to craft in 'pieces', it will be good for your recovery...these creations are wonderful!
You are always in my thoughts!
xxx Margreet

Doreen said...

It is good to hear from you Cheryl,I do hope you make a full recovery..Your creations are beautiful....Take

Kathyk said...

Gr8 to hear from you and so pleased to hear that you are slowly returning to crafting - fingers crossed you will be back up to speed soon and without too much pain. Let's hope a further operation won't be necessary - perhaps just physio/chiro.

Your notelets gift looks tremendous and well donw - good to have you back, take it steady


Pam said...

So So excited to see you blogging and crafting again Cheryl! I've kept you in my thoughts!! Your creations are lovely as always, and even if it does take a bit longer to craft, your still doing it!!! Take care, and do hope your pain lightens up for you!

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh hunnie its so good to hear from you. I just love your creations gorgeous as always.

You take it easy & look after yourself. Always at the end of the phone if you need a natter
sending you & Lisa huge huge hugs
shell xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Oh Dear Cheryl. My heart goes out to you. The accident was so awful, it must be so hard for you now that you are desperate to get back to normal. I hope you continue to feel stronger and in less pain as each day goes by.
Please do not feel that you have let anyone down, you must think about getting yourself better.

It's lovely to see some of your stunning creations again.

Take of yourself
love and hugs

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Great to see you crafting again. I hope, that you'll get better soon and will keep my fingers crossed.

Lia said...

Hi Cheryl!
It's great seeing you back again in bloglan with such stunning creations. I wish you ALL THE BEST Girl, keep going straight and head up! Take care, I'm tjinking of you,

Von said...

Just wonderful to see your work and to hear from you Cheryl :)
Hope all goes well at the hospital and you get the pain under control.

Lots of hugs comeing your way
Von ♥

Pauline said...

Cheryl, so sorry to hear you are still in pain, I hope that you recover quickly, and the pain lessens for you.
This is a gorgeous album, so many lovely details.
Keep on crafting, xxx

Ira Huberts said...

Oh Cheryl, so sorry that you're still having so much pain... But please take your time, your health is most important right now. Glad to see you crafting a bit though, must take your thoughts off things? I do so hope these nasty pains will go away and wish you nothing but the best, big hugs my friend, Ira xox

Sarah said...

Hi chum
Ohh'' it's so good to see you back on yoiur blog again, so missed you!!!
I hope you got my email...
This book is gorgeous true Cheryl style just beautiful throughout, you take it easy recovery from this will take time chum and so glad your crafting again even if it is slowly...
I hope all goes well with your app chum will catch up soon you have a lovely weekend... say Hi to Lisa and A&A for me :)
Lots Big Hugs Sarah x

Laney said...

Hi Cheryl what a lovely surprise to see you posting and crafting!!your work is a sight for sore eyes!!
I still have you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery altho it takes time you'll get there hun
sending you a big hug
laney xx

Netty said...

wow its great to hear from you Cheryl and loving both your beautiful makes. I do hope that awful pain goes away soon. Keeping you in my heart dear lady. Hugs Annette xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Such a lovely surprise to see your posting come up on my dashboard Cheryl. Welcome back! Why not start with just a bit of browsing now and again! Hey you sure have not forgotten how to craft, these two creations are just fabulous! Hang in there, it will come right! Judy x

Sherryn said...

Hi Cheryl, great projects. Its great to see you up and back and we all know what a great battler you are. you got through all those other problems so you will get through this. You have us all behind you so that helps. thinking of you heaps, sherryn xx

Sandy said...

I am so happy to read your post Cheryl -- be good to yourself and be patient. Head injuries are serious.
Sciatica is painful as well. If anyone has been let down - I let you down but am finally getting you a little something in the mail today. You were so kind to me after I fell and broke my hip and I will never ever forget that. You will be back in great form - just be patient and do what the doctor says. You are a sweetheart Cheryl and I have missed your postings. there is only one you!!!!
love you bunches!!

Kat said...

Hi Cheryl, I can't tell you how pleased I was to see your name on my sidebar this evening. I was thinking about emailing Lisa again for an update.

Sorry to hear you're still suffering so much. I suppose after such a nasty accident it'll take a while before you're back to your usual self. I can see from this gorgeous book that you haven't lost your touch. It's just gorgeous.

I don't think you've got anything to apologise to your followers for. I'm sure we're all delighted to see you again and all wish you well. I'm sure no-one thinks you've let them down, just relieved you're on the mend. Good you still want to craft even if it does take a wee while longer than it used to.

Take care,

Hugs Kat xx

PS best wishes and thanks to Lisa for taking good care of you.

inkypinkycraft said...

Lovely to hear from you, you are certainly not letting anyone down! Sorry to hear the pain is so bad and hope that that can soon be sorted and lessoned! You are in my thoughts and wishing you a full recovery!
Hugs trace x

Claire said...

It's fabulous to know you are OK hun and great to see your creations too, which are just as fabulous as ever. Take each day as it comes sweetie and you will gradually return to normal. Sending big hugs, Claire xxx

jaine the basement gal. said...

Oh Cheryl I'm so happy to hear that although progress is slow it is real progress. It must be frustrating not to be able to do the things you could before but given time to heal properly you'll be back crafting again. Lots of love and kisses and hugs to Lisa too xxxx

lynne said...

It is wonderful to hear from you Cheryl. Lisa has been so lovely to keep us up-dated on your news.
You are an amazing woman and the fact that despite the frustration of crafting taking you so much longer and a different level of thought process required, compared to before, here you are creating beautiful art. I sure hope you are finding it therapeutic to be back amongst your crafting supplies.
Take good care of yourself.
Sending you a hug.

Claire Boelema said...

So glad to see you back here and crafting too! Take things easy Cheryl, you have let no one down and you should just do what makes you feel good hun. We'll all still be here when you do get back to your old self, which I'm sure won't be long.


Claire x

Cheryl said...

Cheryl, I am so sorry to hear you are still feeling so poorly. I hope you are back to normal soon.

Even if it took you a long time to complete, your project is as gorgeous as always.

Take care,


Rebekah said...

Oh goodness Cheryl please don't feel like you are letting anyone down sweetie! it is so good to see you able to blog and know you are ok. It is awful that you have such bad pain and I do hope you get lots of answers and help from the specialist.
I hope that your crafting can be a little therapy when you are able to do it but I think right now you just need to get well.
Your creations are still so beautiful even if it takes longer to create.
Big hugs Rebekah xx

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am so happy to see you posting girl!
You are such an inspiration, your work is still amazing.
Take care of yourself and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs sweetie

Sasha said...

It's lovely to hear from you, Cheryl, and to see that you're crafting again. Love what you created! I am so sorry that you are still in pain though.
Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well when you see the specialists.
Sending warm thoughts and (((hugs))) xx

Stamping in Pink said...

Sooo very wonderful to hear from you hun. Soo very sorry to hear you are still having so many problems and that you are in such pain - you don't deserve that Cheryl.
I really hope the doctors can do something to help you or at least provide help and support along the way.
You've not let anyone down hun either - so stop that talk right now, it's just so good to hear from you. You were always so kind and welcoming to me when I first ventured into this crafty community and if there is anything I can help with then just let me know. It's going to take a long time to heal darling and you're going to need to be patient but I really do understand the frustration and not being able to craft for long because of the pain - just remember you are not alone in your struggles and there is a lot of good will, good vibes, good prayers being sent your way.
Really hope your struggles ease and improve real soon, big gentle hugs being sent down the internet karen xx

1CardCreator said...

So glad to know my prayers for you have been answered Cheryl. Your work here is beautiful as always. Sorry to hear you are in such pain, I know all about sciatica unfortunately, hope the pain passes soon for you dear. Take care of yourself, you must be so proud of your daughter Lisa, she has done such a wonderful job keeping us all up to date on your progress. Hope you continue to heal. hugs, Diane

Kim said...

I am so happy you are doing well enough to post! I have certainly missed all your lovely creations. The ones you have posted are just wonderful. I love to make the books, I usually dont post them though, I am not sure why. Hope you get well soon and feel much better. Take care of yourself and dont try to do too much too soon, we will all be here when you get back to crafting. Love & Hugs, Kim B

Vee Cassidy said...

Dear, Lovely, Cheryl First of all I just wish I could wrap you in a big hug so I am sending gentle virtual bloggy hugs to you with healing wishes. It makes us all feel bad to hear you worry about letting anyone down. You could never do that, Cheryl; just knowing you are trying to recover is such wonderful news. It must be frustrating for you to think it is taking a long time but I am just so delighted you have got to the point you can post something. I am so grateful for you so please try not to worry about others and just relax about that. Your creations are wonderful art, Cheryl and seeing this amazing work is just so inspiring. I know it can be difficult when the smallest thing takes ages but when you are creating such beautiful pieces of art I hope you feel a sense of achievement. Even if nit was hard won. I wish you a successful recovery even if it is not going to be a speedy one. However, to think you are at the point of making and posting (although incredibily difficult) is awe inspiring after the news of just a short time ago. Love and hugs, dear friend. Thank you for fighting back. Vee xxxx

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kathyk said...

Wanted to stop by and say what a lovely surprise it was to see your comment pop up on my blog this morning - welcome back to blogging matey, hope this is a very good sign

All the best


Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hiya Cheryl, Sorry to hear that you are still suffering so much hun, I really hope that things get better for you soon. You haven't let anybody down hun, I am sure everyone understands and just wants you to get better. Your book is stunning as always, absolutely love it.
Thinking of you and hoping things improve for you soon.
Big Hugs
Lindsay xx

Junibears said...

Cheryl my sweetheart! So glad to see you have made the great effort to make a post and how delightful the things you have posted.
You haven't let anyone down so don't worry about that. I know what a struggle it has been and still is. With God's help and TLC from family and all your friends here, you will gradually improve.
Love xxxxxxxxxxxx

Linby said...

It is so lovely to see you back in bogland Hun and bless you for visiting my blog. Just sitting here reading what you are still going through and I Could cry for you.
I love why you've created, especially all those lovely ribbons down the side.
Do take care and craft when and if you want to.
Love and hugs Linbyx

Daisychain said...

So glad to see you blogging and creating again Cheryl, your creations are as beautiful as ever. So sorry you are still suffering so much. I do hope the specialists can help you without the need for surgery. You have not let anyone down at all, we just want you to make a full recovery and completely understand that it will take time and patience. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Christine x

Michele said...

oh you precious Cheryl, i cannot even imagine how hard it is to have your whole life slow down in this way. i am continuing to send lots of love and prayers and am so glad my little card got to you. much love dear, listen to your doctors and take good care. the project you posted is so beautiful. i know you will continue to make such beautiful things even if it goes slowly because you are so beautiful inside. xoxo

LV said...

Life can be so cruel at times. So thankful you are alive and still able to function. It was a terrible thing to happen, but at least you are alive and pray you will be back to normal soon. May the good Lord bless and keep you and Mum.

Terry said...

Cheryl it is so great to hear from you! In time you will be crafting just as before and what you have shared today is gorgeous! Just don't over do anything and play when you can! I sure hope that each day you will feel better while healing! Hugs!

Cindy Haffner said...

My word girl your work is always GORGEOUS!!~

Faye said...

Cheryl, I'm amazed you're crafting at all! Please take care and get fixed up soon. Oh yes and GORGEOUS work. X

Dawn said...

Cheryl it's fantastic to see you back here. Sorry we didn't get to meet up after all, hopefully after Christmas it will happen. Love to you & see you soon x BY the way the book is fabulous x

Sue said...

Awww Cheryl hun… I am glad that you are now managing to do a bit of Crafting… it doesn't matter how long it takes… as long as you do a little and enjoy it… I'm sure it will just take time but you will get back to yourself eventually… and we will all still be here… so no rush… your notelet holder is truly beautiful… love the gorgeous papers and those feathers are stunning!! and your book is awesome hun… so many wonderful details…
it's lovely to hear from you…
Stay strong!
Lots of Love and hugs!
Sue xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Cheryl, I was just popping back to check on how you are doing. I hope you are on the road to recovery and we will hear from you soon. Take care!

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh Cheryl, it was so wonderful to see your post and see you back here :)

Please take it easy hun, and try not to push yourself or get to frustrated. These things take time. I ended up in a ditch with a broken collar bone and hand when I was in a car crash many years ago, and every day felt like a hill to climb, but it got better in time :)

Fabulous notelet holder - so pretty and full of all your gorgeous detailing.



Jackie said...

Your notelet holder and book are both so lovely, Cheryl, and amazing because of the difficulties you are having. I wish you well and hope you are able to have a good Christmas. J x

Amy said...

Wow ! I'm catching up, Christmas rush and all!
Just THRILLED to see your post and the book is awesome!
I hope crafting again will help you regain some strength and memory. These things take time so you must be patient and know we are all thinking and praying for you.
Have a lovely Holiday season,you have much to be greatful about .
Lov & Hugs, Amy Jo

June Nelson said...

Hello me darlin aww im so pleased you are on the mend albeit slowly, it must have been aterible shock me darli, but ive been keeping you in me thoughts and prayers, your a lovely lass, and I do hope you will be back to your normal self really soon, love you lots too big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pop's Cards said...

Sorry I haven't been by I never got this one my reader, I am sorry you are still not well it is no fun, I hope they find a solution for you quickly...

This is as ever gorgeous sweetie, you take care huggles Pops x x x

Mary J said...

Oh Cheryl, I am so sorry to hear what you've been going through. I can't imagine how frustrated you must be feeling. :(

Thinking of you honey.

A gorgeous book - your creativity is obviously still intact!

Mary xxxx

mixamatoasties said...

Lovely to hear from you hun.

One day at a time. You will get there :)

Susan xxx

Fleur said...

Hi Cheryl, so sorry I've took so long to send you a comment. Sorry you still feeling 100%, you need to just take each day at a time. Love to see you have managed a little crafting and it's as gorgeous as ever. Look after yourself and continue to get well
HUGS Fleur xXx

Jan Hennings said...

LOVE this :) my goodness so sorry you've not been feeling well! Thinking of you and sending a prayer :)

Esther said...

Hi Cheryl - so lovely to see you crafting again,if only a little bit - baby steps and I'm sure you'll get there! I haven't been about myself much so sorry this is the first message I've left you, I was so sorry to hear of your accident and glad to hear you are making progress - sending lots of love and good wishes for your continued recovery...Esther xx

Sue said...

Hi Cheryl,
Just catching up on the blog, so sorry to hear of your accident. Take each day at a time and before you know it, you will be on your way to a speedy recovery. Your latest project is lovely,
Take care,
Love Sue

Jackie said...

Hoping your recovery is continuing, Cheryl, and that you are being looked after well. Jx

Juls said...

Hi Cheryl,

I have been missing from blogland so long, I didnt realize you were unwell, I am so sorry to hear that and so wanted to send on y love and best wishes, thinking of u&sending big hugs. Love what you have made, worth the extra time and effort, hopefully crafting still brings you joy.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...
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