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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Up Date

Hi everyone,
Mum has just asked me to come and thank everyone for all the wonderful cards,messages and things she has received from all of you. This really is helping mum a lot to get over what has happened,she is sorry she can not chat too you just yet,but she just gets muddled,and is finding it hard to concentrate.
The car has now been re placed,and mum has now got a fiesta,she did try to take it out yesterday but did not go too plan. Therefore,I am taking her shopping today,and then trying to get her to drive with me,a short way.

The thing is out here we are totally stuck without transport,so mum needs to do this. I know she will it will just take time,and obviously she will not be using the same turning for some time.

Mum is trying so hard to craft,and it just does not go as planned but she is trying,brakes my heart to see her struggle like this,as she so so loves her books,and was in my opinion brilliant at them. Mum received the most amazing book from her FB friends,and oh my how she loved it,so happy to see her smile again.

Mum has just asked me to thank you all from the bottom of her heart for the most amazing support you have given her,and I too am, overwhelmed at how many friends mum has,as she is all alone this means the world to her.  As mum has no,real life friends so too speak just the ones she has made on her blog,and FB you can see how mum cherishes your friendship.  The only thing mum worries about is,letting people down,and you leaving her may sound pathetic,but if you were here you would know why mum appreciates you all so so much.   I am just worried she is getting lower and lower,into depression as there is no one,who comes to see her and she is alone all day and know how much she misses her FB, and blogging friends. I will keep you all updated as and when I can mum sends all her love,and says she loves,and misses you all so so much.

Once again thank you all so much for your support,mum loves me reading the messages to her,and sure does brighten her day. She has only just remembered that she was on FB,so you know how this has effected her,I know mum has not been on there long,but it was only Tuesday she remembered she joined,bless her heart.

Oh before I go just wanted to let you know that Mum is going to the NEC on Sunday next week as I bought us 2 tickets,ages ago for her birthday,I know it will do her good,and if it gets too much for her I will just take her out,and we will go and sit somewhere quiet. so if any of you are going next Sunday Mum would love to meet you.  Just hope it will be okay,and will do her good as oh she does deserve a treat.
Love Lisa x


Inkypinkydelights said...

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for the update. I really do wish Cheryl well, and my thought go to you too who are giving her such great support. I know from experience these things take time, it is a gradual journey. Take care both of you, Judy x

brenda said...

Thanks first updating is on Mum Lisa, it sounds like you're being wonderful support to her.

Sending big warm hugs and love.

B x

Fliss said...

Thanks for the update Lisa and am hoping your poor Mum recovers properly very soon as we all miss her loads.
Tell her to take care and you too as it must be a bit of a struggle when you're worrying.
Sending hugs, Fliss xxx

Lisa said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for the update on your Mum. Hope you both have a lovely time at the NEC next week and Mum gets to meet up with some of her friends. I am not going otherwise I would have arranged to meet up with you both.

Sending love and hugs

Lisa x

Caroline said...

Thanks Lisa for the update I hope she is feeling better soon and tell her we are still here for her. You are doing a brilliant job and I send the biggest of big hugs to you both. Caroline xxx


Hi Lisa - thank you for the update on your Mum. Please give her my love, and tell her we are all thinking of her, and missing her. I do hope she is well enough to enjoy the visit to the NEC next week - wish I could be there to give her a big hug.
Love to both of you - Sylvia xxxx

rachel said...

Hi Lisa - thanks so much for the update on your mum - its sounds as though she needs a little time to readjust and recuperate - I hope she doesn't get too low - my dad suffers like that and its hard to see. Send Cheryl my love and tell her to enjoy the NEC - it might be a hard day for her - but probably a tonic in many ways. Thanks to you for looking after Cheryl so well! Big Crafty hugs Rachel xx

Catherine said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for the update. Please let your mum know that we miss her in the group - and her wonderful projects. It's going to take a bit of time and must be very frustrating for her but tell her to hang on in there - we are all thinking of her. I am sure she will enjoy visiting the NEC even though it might be a hard day for her - unfortunately I won't be going as it's too far for me to travel. And is sounds like you are a great support to her, which is exactly what she needs right now.

Love and hugs to you both.

Catherine x

Chrissy said...

Lisa, you sound like such a loving and special daughter to your Mum..Cheryl,I do hope you will get better soon and be your happy self again..wish I lived closer so I could come and see you..take care..


Sue said...

Hi Lisa & Cheryl, thanks for the update. Just wanted to send all my love & best wishes for you both in this difficult time. We miss you in the Serif users facebook page & can`t wait to have you back with us for a chat & a bit of banter. xxx Sue xxx

Suze Bain said...

Thanks for the update Lisa. recovering from such a traumatic accident is just going to take time but hopefully Cheryl you will feel a little bit stronger each day. Enjoy your crafty day out, it will be very busy and very tiring but just take your time and take lots of little breaks - and treat yourself to some lovely crafty goodies! Hugs. Suze xx

Trish x said...

Thank you so much for the update Lisa and Cheryl you keep looking forward, it will take time but you will get there. Have a lovely time at the NEC
Love and hugs
Trish xx

Kathyk said...

Hi and thanks for the update on mum. Good to hear that her physical issues are gradually resolving themselves (though never fast enough!) and hope that the trip to the show will help the other issues too. Sadly, I shan't be there otherwise I should certainly have liked to pop by and say "HI" - hope you will both enjoy the outing.

Feel better Cheryl, thinking of you


jacky merrington said...

Hi Lisa and Chery
Thanks for the update Lisa, we will still all be waiting here for Cheryl when she comes back to the group however long it takes. Thank you for being such a supportive daughter to her. Missing you Cheryl, come back soon

Irene said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for letting us know how things are going in beautiful Norfolk and I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Mum is still struggling. I had a severe car accident many many years ago and was so afraid of getting behind the wheel and felt sick to my stomach but I did it (a very quiet place to start with) and felt better with every mile I drove so I'm convinced it will work that way and especially when you are sitting next to her.
I know how warm this blog/craft community is, it opened a completely new world with many "friends" as I'm just like your Mum always alone in my carftroom and don't have friends near where I live. Even if it takes her till after Christmas, we won't forget her and all she has to do is concentrate on a fully recovery. Have a super time at the NEC and give her a big hug from me and a tiny one for you for keeping us posted!!

xx Irene

Pam said...

I am not going anywhere Cheryl! I will still be here when you fully recover! I too have no 'real' friends that I hang out with either, so I know how you feel. Take care of yourself first, and just know we will all be here for you! Thanks so much Lisa for keeping us updated! Hugs to you both!!

Pauline said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for the update on your mum. I really hope she feels better soon, but not to rush, and take time. We are all still here, in this wonderful supportive crafting community, and we are all hoping and praying your mum gets well soon.
Cheryl, I am going to the NEC on Sunday too, I will keep an eye out for you, I will wear a carnation in my button hole and carry a copy of the The Times haha! Rest up and get well soon, hugs, Pauline xxx

Sasha said...

Hi Lisa,
I have been away for a while, so I was sorry to hear the news about your poor mum's accident, which must have been very traumatic for her.
It's good to know that she is now feeling well enough to go shopping with you, and I hope she copes well.
Please pass on my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery:)
Sasha xx

Margaret61 said...

Hi Cheryl and Lisa. Thank you for the update Lisa. It is a slow process recoverying from an accident like that but you will make it Cheryl and you are getting great support from Lisa. Wish I was going to the NEC and we could have meet up but its too far for me to go. As other of said we are not going nowhere and the group will still be there when you feel you are ready. Take care Cheryl and sending you some really big hugs and kisses. xxx

Junibears said...

Hello Lisa and dear Cheryl!
I am so glad you've got the car sorted at last. I'm glad you're getting out a bit and the trip to NEC will do you the world of good. Wish I was going. Talk soon. Big Hugs
June xxx

Sharon Edwards said...

Hi Cheryl and Lisa,
Thanks for the update Lisa.
Cheryl I have missed you so much on our serif group.
I miss your lovely work and all the lovely encouraging comments you always leave for everyone.
I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. Life can seem very unfair I know, and hard to understand. But you will get through all this. It is just a matter of time. It sounds like you have a wonderful daughter and that is a great blessing.
Just hang on in there Cheryl. Rome wasn't built in a day, but little by little you will get back to doing everything you did before. I have only just discovered your blog so I will have a proper look through later on when I have some time.
Hope you enjoy your outing next week. A very long way from me I'm afraid, but I'm sure you will see some friends there.
Sending lots of love and hugs to you. xxx

Linby said...

Thanks for the update on your Mum. I hope she feels up to doing more soon as I am missing seeing her wonderful creations. A little bit at a time and she will get there. I am sure you are a great support to her Lisa. Your Mum's pictures of you both at Madam Tussauds has inspired me to go next month!

heidy said...

Oh My Lisa,I was on holiday so I missed the last post!!
I'm so sorry to hear about your mum,will you please give her a big hug from me!!
XXX Heidy

jaine the basement gal. said...

Hi Lisa and Cheryl, Lisa this is a wonderful wonderful thing you're doing for your mum and I'm absolutely certain that she is one very proud and grateful mum for everything you're doing for her. I know that in the past your mum has always been the first one to extend a hand of friendship or words of comfort in bad times so it's only right that we show the same now. Please mail me your home address so I can send something too I hope you can both enjoy your time at the NEC and I only wish I could be there too. Lots of love xxxJaine

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Lisa and Dearest Cheryl,
I have been away from blogging for a long while and I am so very sorry and saddened to here of your dear Mom's accident. Please send her my love and tell her that she is in my thoughts and prayers. Your Mom is one of the sweetest ladies I know through blogging and wish I did not live so very far away so I could come and visit her and help in some way. Lisa you are such a gem of a daughter and such a blessing to your dear Mom.
With Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne

Dawn said...

Lisa, if mum would like a visitor & you can confirm where in Norfolk she is by email. I am happy to come & visit her. She has always visited my blog, so its the least I could do if she fancies some company.
You can get my email details by going to
Give mum my love.x

Terry said...

Cheryl, you just get better and we will all be here when you are up to it! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you for the update, Lisa. Hugs!

Ira Huberts said...

Hi Lisa, what a sweet girl you are, your mom couldn't have wished for a finer daughter than you, that's for sure! Please tell your mom that she has nothing to worry about, we will keep on visiting (if only I could pop in for a cup of coffee or something, wouldn't that be something!). Hope that your mom is enjoying her little shopping spree with you, sending you both lots of love and hugs, Ira xox

lynne said...

Hi Lisa
Thank you once again taking the time to up-date us on your Mum.
What a terrible time, the accident was bad enough but her recovery period is obviously a struggle.
Please pass on my love to her and let her know that she will not be deserted, we will be here ready and waiting for when the time is right for her to start posting on her blog.
Crafting is a wonderful outlet to seek refuge from tough times and maybe as each day passes your Mum will be more able to craft, she has the most amazing talent but she should not force this part of her recovery, let it happen naturally.

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Lisa
Thank you so much for keeping us updated about your mum you must be so worried about her but I'm sure with your care and support she will get there. Please give her my love and let her know I'm thinking about her and will be here for her when she is ready to start blogging and posting on FB again
I hope she is able to the NEC next weekend
Love and hugs
Jackie x

Shazza said...

thanks for the update, hugs to your mum x

Margreet said...

Hi Lisa...thanks for the new is a pity I live overseas, otherwise I should have made Cheryl a visit...if you can give me her address I will send her a card with all my love!
Hugs to you and your lovely mum!
xxx Margreet

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa and my dearest friend Cheryl...
Thank you Lisa for update and email you are a daughter in a million with all your support you are giving..
The Nec will do your Mum the world of good and as you said if it gets to much you can go sit somewhere quite, I wish I was going just to see and give my friend a big (((Hug))) and you too!!
Great news to here about the car being all sorted too.. take care of yourself and your lovely Mum too...
Lots Hugs Sarah x

Claire Boelema said...

Thanks for the update Lisa. She is sorely missed by us all. I hope she soons feel better and regains her confidence in the car.

Claire x

Dora said...

OMG I am so sorry to hear this ... it's only today that I have found time to blog around and I read this. I hope you will be ok soon Cheryl and that is good news about your car :) Thank Lisa for the update on your mum. Hugs xxx

CraftinGranny said...

Thanks so much for the update Lisa. She is so very lucky to have you. It takes quite awhile for complete recovery from these types of injuries and I'm so glad to hear she is making progress. Give her my love and let her know I'm praying for her. "Hugs"

Debbie said...

Thanks for the update Lisa...Give her my love...and I hope she starts to feel a bit better soon. Really missing her. Let her know she's in my thoughts.
Huge Hugs Debbie x

nnalorac said...

Tell Cheryl we're all missing her lovely creations and we will all be here when she is fit enough to post again. Miss her cheery comments. Sending hugs. carolxx

Stamping in Pink said...

I hate that you and your lovely mum are having to go through this Lisa, it's been very hard on both of you and hopefully little by little things will improve day by day for you both.
Lisa thank you so much for keeping us all in the loop. Unfortunately I'm housebound 90% of the time, but if you ever need someone to talk to Lisa contact me via my blog. We all need to make sure that you are looked after too Lisa as this is very hard on you.
Let your mum know we are here and we're not going anywhere. Little by little she will find her way back and it will be one step forwards two steps back for the progress but know we are all here for you both.
Big hugs from Northamptonshire Karen x

Catherine said...

Hi Lisa

Susan Jolley has tried to leave a comment on here for your mum but keeps getting an error message so she has asked me to pass on her best wishes and hopes your mum starts to feel a bit better really soon.

We are all thinking of her.

Love and hugs

Catherine x

Kat said...

Thanks for the update Lisa. Good to hear your Mum is making progress even if it is probably slower than she would like. Good to hear you're taking her to the NEC next week. It'll definitely be good for her to go and she'll probably meet some of her bloggy friends. The NEC is rather far away from me but I'll look forward to hearing how she gets on.

Love and hugs to you both Lisa, you're doing a great job of looking after your Mum.

Kat xx

catherine said...

Thanks for the update on your mum Lisa. It such a good job she has you there helping her . Hope she feels a little more better soon and keeping her in my thoughts.
x catherine

Tracy said...

Sending you both lots of hugs, Lisa your such a support for your mum, your doing a wonderful job hun.
Thought and prayers going to you cheryl, slow and steady wins the race, take your time.
Take care both of you
Tracy x

Sherryn said...

Hi Lisa and Cheryl,
Thanks so much for the update have been thinking about you cheryl everyday. Its nice to hear you are able to go out, even if just a little bit at a time. I know you are a fighter and will be back with us soon. Take it easy Cheryl, and Lisa I know your love and support will be helping Mum heaps.
Look forward to the next update,
Hugs to you both, Sherryn xx

Chris Arlington said...

Thank you Lisa for the update. I don't have any children so I think Cheryl knows what a treasure you are. Your Mum is a talented and beautiful lady. I can't think of many who are as thoughtful and caring as her. Thank God it has rubbed off on you too. I live on the other side of the pond or I would definately be at the NEC just to see Cheryl and you.
Give your Mum big hugs and kisses from me.
Love Chris Arlington.

Brenda Brown said...

Thanks Lisa for giving us the update and as for you my dear friend Cheryl, we are all so looking forward to when you will be strong enough to get crafting again and display your wonderful creations here on your blog for us all to see.
This accident has hit you hard, but remember it takes a while to recuperate and build strength but when you do we will still be here and visiting you. Take all the time you need and don't worry about us. Your blog is on my blog roll and I know when you have posted.
Enjoy your visit to the NEC, I hope you will get some inspiration so that when you feel ready you will have all the ideas you need.
Enjoy the time with your lovely daughter who obviously cares so much about you.
lots of hugs and love, {brenda} xox

Shea said...

Hello Lisa, I have just discovered your mother's blog and am so saddened to read of the accident but encouraged to read of her progress. I wish her all the best and will check in regularly and look forward to when she will be "back in the saddle" again. She has a beautiful blog and I will spend considerable time going through her archives. Thank you for the updates, and please give her my very best.

Sandy said...

Hey Lisa - thank you so much for the up date. You and your Mum are in my prayers constantly. Your Mum sent me the neatest album and card not long ago as I broke my hip. I still have to make your Mum a card - her Christmas albums are the best I have ever seen!!!! Such a talent and I know she will be back. Tell her to try and be patient. I am still recouping from my broken hip and it has been 4 months. So I want her to know it takes a while to heal. She has so many people that love her -- I so wish I could come and help out. Your Mum is the best!

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hiya Lisa & Cheryl, thanks so much for keeping us updated. I am so glad Cheryl liked her book and we are all thinking of her, she is very much missed. I am sure the NEC will be a wonderful treat and lift her spirits. When she gets well enough if Cheryl wants to meet up in Norwich for a coffee email me.
Lots of love and hugs to Cheryl
Lindsay xx

pauline said...

Hi Lisa,Glad to here that your mum is on the mend, it will take time ,Tell her to take it a bit at a time we are all thinking off her ,enjoy NEC,wish i could go ,she will enjoy it i am sure xxxx

Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa and Cheryl xx thank you for the update x give your mum huge hugs and let her know we all miss her sooooo much xxxx love n best wishes Kath xxxx

Netty said...

Thank you Lisa for the update am so sorry Cheryl is so depressed. Am sure the NEC will be tiring for her but will also do her good. We will always be here when she returns to blogging so now worries.
Please could you email me Cheryl's address as am afraid I have lost it, would like to send her a card. Hugs Annette x

1CardCreator said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for the update on your Mum. You tell her she is in my prayers, both of you are. Be patient, it will take her some time to get driving again, I am sure it was a frightful experience for her! Give he my love, of course we will be here when she feels better! Big hugs to both of you! (Do take care of yourself too Lisa, you must be a tremendous help and blessing to your Mum). Keep us posted. ~Diane

Kim said...

Thanks so much for update, I have been thinking of her. I hope that she gets well soon. She is such a sweet lady and we do miss her but will be waiting for her to return when she is ready. Big Hugs to Cheryl and thanks again. Hugs, Kim B If you can email me her address too, I would love to send her a card.

Sue said...

Ooh I'm so sorry to hear about your accident Cheryl… I have only just caught up with your news…
Don't worry about your blog and not being able to post… we will all still be here when you get back hun!!!
Take your time to get better… and gradually you will get back into crafting… but no rush… just do what pleases you!
Thanks for the update Lisa and lovely to hear that you are taking good care of your mum!
Sending Huge and Massive HUGS
Lots of Love and Hugs
Sue xxx

Karen said...

Hi Cheryl ! You poor girl! You are having a bad time of it all! Please don't try to rush things craftwise, blogwise & FB wise. You need to get your strength and concentration back my lovely. have a good time at the NEC won't you. Was it really 3yrs ago that we met up for a cuppa??? That was the last time that I went up and sadly I won't be going this year :( But I will make it up there again...when I can face all those shopping trollies and elbows hahahaha!!!!! Please accept a hug from me and tell your daughter that she is just fabulous, such a caring young woman. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Maria Matter said...

Thank you so much Lisa for keeping us updated.
oh Cheryl, my thoughts are with you hun, you will get a little better everyday, there is so much love coming your way from all your bloggy buddies!
Don't worry about your blog, we will all be here when you come back. Your crafting will come back too in time, your creativity is part of who you are and will always be there.
Please know how special you are to us & how much you are loved!
be well soon my dear friend,
hugs & blessings!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lisa I wish that I lived close to your mum then I could visit her she is such a wonderful person and a great friend. I have thought about her often and I will continue to pray that she improves, please pass on my love and best wishes
lorraine x

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

I'm so sorry to read that she's been hurt!!!! Sending lots of love her way and she's going to be in my prayers list.



Karen Hasheck said...

Thanks for the update. Please let your Mum know she is in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to the time she will be blogging and creating again with us.


Anesha said...

Only just seen this update. Thank you for letting us know how your Mum is doing. Tell her to take it easy and get well. Lots of hugs and prayers. Anesha :)

Lia said...

Hi Cheryl,I was very busy and therefore I am just now visiting your blog and finding out what happened during the last few weeks. Oh girl, I am soooo sorry for you!
I hope you are doing better and get well soon, because I miss your crafts and lovely comments on my and other ones blogs!
Best wishes from Holland,

Nikbee said...

Thank you so much for the update. I hope she continues to improve, which I am sure she will do with your fantastic support.
Thinking of you both.
Nikki x

Michele said...

oh my goodness i have not been by for awhile and came today to see this awful news. lisa thank you for posting the news and please tell dear sweet precious cheryl that i love her to pieces and am praying for her to be well and strong and back to her beautiful art work. please cheryl be patient and take the tome to heal. i'm sending lots and lots of love this is michele from artfromthewell. xoxoxoxoxoxo

sue w. said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the update on your mum. I hope with every day she is getting a little stronger and was able to enjoy the NEC.
Hugs Sue W.

Jackie said...

Hope you got to the NEC and managed to enjoy it, Cheryl. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. J x

pinky said...

Ah thanks for the update. Cheryl you will be back to your old self in no time. Don't be giving up, keep going at a steady pace and you'll be back showering us with your amazing creativity. Blogland is just not the same without you:) Sending big hugs.

Bea said...

hi Cheryl - sorry I have't visited your blog for a while - ope your mum is still improving after her trauma and that you both enjoyed the NEC and got lots of goodies!

Kathyk said...

Just checking in to see how you are Cheryl - hope things are going along well for you - we miss you here in blogland

Take care


xxxtglxxx said...

Thanks again for the update Lisa :) Please send my very best wishes to your mum and we all miss her! :)



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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June Nelson said...

Hiya hunnie oooh I feel terrible, I lost all my blog contacts and im working through my blog trying to find them all, hence back to your lovelymum. Please tell her I send her all of my love and I hadnt forgotten her, I really hope she is a lot better, give her big gentle huggies from me please, love June xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Von said...

I'm kicking myself I missed this post as I was there on the Sunday :( Hope your confidence is growing Cheryl and we have you back with us soon
Hugs Von ♥

sallysbitz said...

Oh no Cheryl!!!!

I just popped over to your blog to see your latest creations BUT only saw the one I commented on before! This made me scroll down to see the gaps when you have posted & I was in total shock to read you were in a car accident.

I would love to have your address so I can send a card to you.

I do hope you are on the mend & no long lasting damage.

Thank you to Lisa for doing the honors & keeping us updated.

hugs sally x

Anonymous said...

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