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Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hi Guys sorry I am late wishing you all a happy new year,but over the Christmas period I was really sick had this Nuvo Virus,bug thing that is going about,and oh boy did it make me ill and still feel the effects even now. Then to top all that I am on the time of my life change thingy,so not even able to get dressed during the day only to take the dogs for a walk,as oh boy am I sweating  or what,buckets,and having to change,so many times a day,which is why I am not getting dressed,as I just get soaked.  So I am off to the doctors,next week to try,to get some help with it all.

Right wont bore you any more,with it all,I just wanted to come on to wish you all the happiest of New year,and to say sorry not been over sooner,to see you all hope to get this sorted today and tomorrow.

Well just before my accident,I made this book,using the amazing products from Judie at crafty- emblies and the papers I have used are all various bits from graphic 45 ladies diary. I have added lots of blank papers,to write in,and also added pockets.

This is the front of the book,were again I have added more of Judies,embellishments,and lots of ribbon on the rings of the book.

This card I made,using all the odd bits of paper from my stash which I am,going to use up this year,as I have loads of off cuts of papers,so this is what I made.The stamp is paper mania,then bits of card,and then some feux stitching,and some butterflies I cut out and added to the card.
So there you go that is it from me today and once again I want to wish you all a very happy new year,and to say love too you all for your amazing support.
Oh just before I go,here is a picture or wee Alfie who is now,9 months old.


Sasha said...

Your book and card are fabulous, Cheryl. Lots of lovely detail, as always! I love the adorable photo of Alfie xx

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it's a healthy one, too xx

aussie aNNie said...

Oh Alfie is a cutie...belated happy new year hon and thanks for dropping gotta go see my digital steam punk card. I always think of you when I do them. Love your newest creation and your new blog....
I am having problems uploading my pics into being published now and have to go through picasa...any suggestions...luv annie xxxx

Pam said...

Such a lovely book and card Cheryl. Happy New Year to you as well, and hoping you get to feeling better! Alfie is the cutest!!

Tracie Dean said...

Sorry for all the hardships you are going through at this time. I know it can be very difficult.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Kathyk said...

Gr8 book, Alfie's really adorable.

Good to see you back on-line once more but so sorry to hear that, on top of everything else you, are coping with Noro Virus as well.

Feel better soon and have a happier 2013


inkypinkycraft said...

Sorry you have been feeling under the weather..lets hope they can help! Trace x
Ooh happy new year!

Irene said...

Hi Cheryl, so good to hear from you again only the update could be a lot better...don't you think it's been more than enough bij now?? Yeah tell me something about the hot flashes. I'll come back as a man next time that's for sure!!!! Your book is stunning and Alfie is the cutest white bunddle of joy!!!

xx Irene

Juls said...

Hi Cheryl, you poor thing, you are fair going through the wars at the min. sending big hugs!! and your book is just gorgeous!! Hugs Juls

Margreet said...

Hi Cheryl...wishing you a very happy and healthy new year...hope you will feeling better soon.
Your book is gorgeous and that card is awesome too!
Your Alfie looks so lovely!
xxx Margreet

Kat said...

Amazing book Cheryl, just the sort of thing you do so well. It looks fantastic. Stunning card too, isn't it great what you can make with bits and pieces.

Sorry you've had such a miserable time recently on top of recovering from your accident. Hope you're on the mend now. And I'm sure the doc can help with your sweats. One of the girls at work was complaining about the same problem recently and I know my boss had to see the doc too.

Take care,

Kat xx

Kat said...

Me again Cheryl. I forgot to say how sweet Alfie looks. What a wee cutie!

Kat xx

Von said...

Aww sorry you were so unwell over Christmas :(
A super book and card :)
Von ♥

Vicky said...

Such a gorgeous book and card Cheryl....and I'm so sorry to hear you have been poorly too...

hope you feel loads better soon hun...and wee Alfie is totally adorable...bless him...:o)

have a lovely weekend sweetie...biggest of hugs Vicky xx

Terry said...

Glad you are feeling better now and Happy New Year! The change of life is not always appreciated! Your book is amazing and each page so nicely detailed! Alfie is just so darn cute! Happy Weekend!

Sue - bearhouse said...

Happy New Year Cheryl. Sorry to hear that you had that nasty bug over Christmas.
Your book is wonderful. I love all the fabulous detailing.
Awwwwww Alfie looks a real cutie!
Take care
Hugs Sue

Crafting Queen said...

Very Happy New Year. Hope you feel better soon. Super book. :)

Mary J said...

Oh, I am so sorry you didn't feel well Cheryl - hope you have fully recovered now.

What a fabulous book - great attention to detail as usual!

Shazza said...

nice to see your work, hope you feel better soon and Happy new Year x

Doreen said...

Love your book and card Cheryl,sorry to hear you have not been well....Wishing you all the best for

rachel said...

hi Cheryl - so glad to see you in blogland again and to see some of your fabulous work! Sorry you've had other health troubles - her's hoping that 2013 is the best ever for you and yours! Hugs Rachel xx

Claire said...

Happy New Year Cheryl. Sorry to hear you have not been very well - I hope you get better soon! Love your creativity again on this project. Have a lovely evening and take care. Hugs, Claire x

Carol said...

Happy New Year to you too Cheryl I hope it brings you better things.
Your book is gorgeous, love all the bits you've used. Carol x

jo said...

Hi Cheryl, love your book and card and oh my, all that ribbon is gorgeous! So sorry to hear you're having such a rough's hoping this year will brings lots of good things your way!
Hugs Jo x

Sherryn said...

Hi Cheryl. great to see you and your gorgeous book. Alfie is just the cutest best friend. Happy new year to you. will email later xx

catherine said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly Cheryl and hope you get some help from the doctors next week.
A happy new year to you and wishing you all the best.
Your book looks fantastic along with the card. Alfie is so adorable looking.
Take care
x catherine

Brenda Brown said...

How lovely to see you back again Cheryl and so sorry you have been so poorly, you are going through the wars at the moment, but hopefully the docs can get you sorted quickly.
Love your book with fabulous page designs and papers.
Alfie looks a gorgeous scallywag lol.
Take care.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Jill said...

Hi Cheryl I love your book it's stunning as always and aw Alfie is so cute I can't believe he's 9 month already! Aw sorry you are still poorly hun, there's lots going round. Sorry I haven't visited for ages I'm working full time and then my daughter got scarlet fever so I've been flat out looking after her but she's on the mend now hugs Jill xx

Chrissy said...

A very,very Happy New Year Cheryl, and I mean that from the bottom of my need to be happy and with little Alfie by your side you will be..he is just precious.
Gorgeous book and card you have made, and so glad to see you back crafting...


Tracy said...

Hi cheryl
Gorgeous creation, love all your details and the design too. A beautiful project.
Alfie is so adorable Aww
Happy crafting
Tracy x

TAM said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well - sorry to say but that novo virus takes some time to get over if you had a bad bout of it.
Hope the doctor can get your "tropical moments" sorted - I'm also going through the "time of life" thing at the moment but nowhere near what you describe - just wished I had more energy and my joints didn't hurt so much at times.
Anyway onto brighter things - your book and card are fabulous and what can I say about Alfie - he's such a cutie.

Stamping in Pink said...

glad to hear you are on the road to recovery after getting that virus Cheryl. it's hit so many people thankfully i've not had it but another lurgy and that's left me very washed out as it is!
gorgeous journal, love all the ribbon and embellishments. just so very glad to hear from you hun and the puppy is gorgeous, keep warm and well Karen x

Dawn Carrington said...

Lovely picture of Alfie hon. So sorry to hear you are still not well, I am hoping that 2013 is a better year for you & you start to feel better. Know what you mean about the flushes, what us women have to go through eh? Love to you & hope to see you in the not too distant future. xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Happy New Year Cheryl ;-) Sorry to hear you had that bug, very nasty.
Gorgeous book and card. Alfie is just so cute :-)
Anne x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...
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Netty said...

Happy New Year Cheryl. Loving your beautiful book and card....aaah the dreaded change of life.....been there and washed 100's of T out the other side now and it sure feels good. Hope you can get some help with those sweats. Hugs Annette x

Michelle said...

Ladies Diary looks fabulous Cheryl!!

Sorry you were ill with that nasty bug:( I have got away with everything so far! Sshhh, fingers crossed!

Alfie is such a sweety and what a life saver for you. Life is a funny old thing isn't it Cheryl, when you think back to earlier last year and your sadness and this sweet little boy comes along.

I always say there is a reason for everything, even though we don't know what it is at the time.

Happy New Year my lovely
Michelle xxx

Betty said...

Hi Cheryl
Love the diary and card you are so creative even when ill, i hope you get stronger every day hun, yes those hot flushes are not nice, but lucky enough dont suffer too much with mine,but you do have it bad so please do go to docs for some help with it.
Wishing and hopeing this New Year is going to be good one for you hunni.
Take Care
Hugs Betty x x

Sue said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear that you were unwell over Christmas hun! so many people have had this novo virus…
Ooh and I can sympathise with the 'time of life' change thingy!! going through the same myself and SO drained….and the sweats!! I have still got my Tower Fan out from Summer and have been using it!!
Wow your book is beautiful Cheryl… those ribbons look awesome.. you must have so much patience… there are so many lovely details..
and you card is absolutely stunning. Love the rich colours and the beautiful stamp.. and those wonderful butterflies are so pretty!! :-)
Awwwww, thank you for the photo of Alfie… I was wondering how he was doing… he's SO cute… I bet he has been giving you lots of love and comfort - he's a real sweetie!
Hope you are feeling lots better very soon
Love and Big hugs
Sue xx

sallysbitz said...

Your book is lovely Cheryl BUT your dog Alfie is lovlier, lol.

Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Our household got that bug too!!!!
Hope you get sorted at the docs.

Happy New Year x

hugs sally x

1CardCreator said...

Lovely journal Cheryl and the card is gorgeous! So good to see you posting again, you have been missed my friend! Sorry to hear you are not feeling good as yet, hope the doc makes you feel better. ~Diane

Tamara Morton said...

Hi Darling, spent ages looking at all your recent makes and even longer on your cute puppy dog.. Hope you are well..

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Cheryl, sorry you have now got The change to contend with. Love your book and card I did say earlier Happy New year and hoe 2013 is a better year for you. Love the doggie he's growing up lovely. Lets hope blogger behaves and leaves my comment. Big hugs to you and your family Jo xxx

Debs said...

Fabulous book project Cheryl with so many gorgeous details.
Alfie is sooooo adorable :o)
Hope 2013 is a great year for you.
Take care
Debs xx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Hello you, so sorry you have been unwell again! Sending you huge get well soon hugs xxxx

Gorgeous creations as always hunnie, love the diary so pretty!
I can't believe Alfie is 9 months old.... that's gone so quickly!
Hugs shell xx

Debbie said...

Love your book many lovely details.
Hugs Debbie x

Nancy Y said...

Gorgeous book Cheryl! Hope you are feeling better very soon! Alfie is so adorable ~ can't believe 9 months have passed already! Happy New Year!
Nancy xx :D

Jan Hennings said...

I just love this Cheryl! More importantly, I worry about you and do hope the Doctor's will figure it out! Sending a prayer, love and a big hug!

Bea und Doreen said...

Hi Chery, first of all I wish you a happy and especially a healthy new year. Wish you all the best and hope you are on top soon !!!!

Many many thanks for your lovely comments too.
So happy to hear from you again.

Your book is gorgeous - love it
Big big husg
Doreen xx

Krafty Kows said...

Wow love your book and card. Hope you're feeling better. Jeanette

sue w. said...

Morning Cheryl, your book and card are amazing. Love all the ribbon and the detail is wonderful.
I hope you're feeling much better now hun, I'm with you on the time of life thingy and it's pants!!!
Alfie stole the show though hun he is just sooo adorable.
Hugs Sue W.

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh WOW LOVIN what I see!~

coldwaters2 said...

Happy New Year Cheryl. Alfie looks gorgeous so does your project it is full of awesome wonder.
lorraine x

Michele said...

oh you poor sweetie, please lay low and take good care. i'm sending loving wishes for a healthy and safe new year. full of beautiful art! but just go easy on your dear self! much love and xo

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Hiya sweetie, Happy new year I hope this one brings you better health. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell make sure you take it easy. Your book and card are both absolutely stunning love the papers you use and all those ribbons are fab
Lindsay xx

pinky said...

Oh dear Cheryl you have been through the mill. Having that TIME OF MY LIFE too lol but think I am near the end now:) Hope the doc can sort you out. Your projects are just amazing and wee Alfie is just the most adorable little dog ever. Happy new Year to you Cheryl, hope it improves day by day.

Linby said...

Happy New Year and all the best for a healthy and happy one. Sorry I'm a bit late.
Love this book, you inspired me to create one, but it is not in this league. Lovely photo of little Alfie too.


Happy New Year Cheryl (sorry I'm a bit late)! I do hope that 2013 will bring you happiness, health and peace.

Your book and card are both fabulous - love all the glorious detail!

Wishing you a full recovery ASAP,
Take care my friend - big HUGS, Sylvia xxxxx

DesignerDiva said...

How fabulous to have you back Cheryl and boy are your creations stunning! You were missed so much and it's lovely to see you back after that awful accident! I've been absentbfrom blogging too for almost a month but hopefully I'm back a little more regular now!!
Take care of yourself lovely lady and a very happy new year to you too
Hugs Laurie xx

Pauline said...

So happy to see you back creating Cheryl, I love your wonderful book, full of so many things to see!
Hope you feel better soon, I had that norovirus about 3 years ago, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

Violets Corner said...

Absolutely gorgeous project Cheryl!

Hope you'll feel better soon.


Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you too sweet Cheryl. You have not missed a beat. Just face kid - when you got it - you got it!! You are going to be fine kid but you sure got hit with a bucket load!!! Love this book. I can tell that Alfie has not changed too much -- cute as ever!!