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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

learning to walk again

Hi guys just wanted to pop on to let you know how things are going.

Well its slow really slow extremely painful too much more than i could ever have imagined,they cut the muscles on both knees so my knee caps move up and down instead of side to side,then they went behind knee caps to remove fragments of bone.

I have crutches and will be using them for months,i have to use my arms to push myself up when i am sitting as i cant yet use my legs.

So i hope you are all well and thank you for staying with me as i know i have been a terrible blogger. i have app with physio again tomorrow went last week and got told off for doing too much,my knees are massive and he said i must do as i am told,if not i will have to go back into hospital to rest.

So that is were i am so far hugs to you all,

Cheryl xx


Kathyk said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and the journey ahead of you but wishing you MUCH LUCK - and keep doing the exercises given you!

All the very best


Crafting Queen said...

So sorry you are going through such a hard time. Lots of hugs and hope you heal quickly.

brenda said...

Oh how dreadful it all sounds Cheryl, you really are having a tough time of it. Sending you big cyber hugs that you soon feel more like yourself again.

B x

Craftyanny said...

awwwwwwwwww Cheryl, sending you a mahooooooooooooosive cyber hug sweetie
Anne x

rachel said...

big hugs going out to you Cheryl - sounds like major surgery - hope things get better for you soon! Hugs rachel xx

Karen Gist said...

Hi my lovely! There is no need for me to nag you as well as the physio so I will just add that you need to take it steady. Keep your chin up as you will recover in time, HUGS xxx

Pam said...

Take it easy Cheryl!! Hoping your pain will ease for you as well. You will do better in time, hugs!

Junibears said...

Hi my sweet friend,
Take it one day at a time. All things heal with time as we know.
Thinking of you.
lots of love xxx

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, poor your Cheryl. I hope that the pain starts to ease soon and that things get easier for you.
Take care and try to get plenty of rest.
Hugs Sue xx

heidy said...

I´m so sorry to hear you have such pain Cheryl,sending you big XXXX and please take good car of yourself!!
XXX Heidy

Karen Petitt said...

Oh Cheryl, now you do as you are told. Other things can wait look after yourself and do what they tell you at the hospital. I am so sorry you are having to go through this hun, sending you huge gentle hugs xx

Michele said...

thanks so much for checking in dear Cheryl. we are all sending you love and healing wishes and much hope. it is tough but don't give up! soon you'll be walking and making beautiful art again. just take care and let the healing take place. much love to you. xo

Debs said...

Oh Cheryl so sorry to hear you are in such pain hun. Please do take it easy - don't go over-doing things and make it worse.
Thinking if you and sending big hugs.
Take care
Debs xx

Shazza said...

oh dear sounds nasty. Get well soon x

Kat said...

Oh you poor thing Cheryl. I'm sorry to hear you're having so much pain. I hope you can manage to get lots of rest so that you don't have to go back into hospital.

Take care,

Hugs Kat xx

lynnesbowsandbelles said...

I so wish life were easier for you Cheryl as your pain sounds too much.
Take good care and know I am sending you wishes for the pain to lessen and for life to get easier for you.

Sherryn said...

Sorry to hear you are having such a painful time. At least the operation is over. It's frustrating being tied down when you are a busy person but it all takes time. Take it slowly and all well be better in the end. thinking of you. xx

Dawn C said...

Oh gosh Cheryl, hope things continue to improve & you can be free of the crutches. Your daughters wedding looked amazing. Not sure why I missed the posts but take care xx

Terry said...

More important to take care of yourself and get better than to worry about being behind in blogging! Keep us posted and I am hoping things start going better for you! Hugs!

Carol said...

You just take care and do as you're told Cheryl...we'll wait! Carol x

Claire Phillips said...

Oh no Cheryl...try and do as your told and take care of yourself. Warmest Wishes Claire x

Bea und Doreen said...

so sorry to hear this Cheryl.
Thinking of you
God bless you
Big hugs
Doreen xx

Michele said...

hey cheryl dear i just wanted you to know i am thinking of you and hoping things are getting better. sending much love from across the miles. xoxo

Sandy said...

Hey Dear Heart - I did not know this but hope by now you are doing much better.